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06.03.2014, 10:02 by Shirl
Of course, QuotesChimp could be argued that insurance has been with us since the dawn of civilization. Early Chinese merchants are frequently credited with having been the first to understand the concept of spreading risk. Not that they had a Lloyd's of Peking, mind you, but they reached a clever agreement to protect each individual against the losses and ravages of weather, bandits, and other perils of the time. That agreement allowed each merchant to ship a small part of his cargo in each of several caravans that would be sent out. If a boat sank in the roaring rapids of the Yangtse river, all of the merchants would lose a small portion of their goods instead of one merchant losing everything.
11.02.2014, 14:11 by Mat
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05.09.2013, 19:20 by Vincenzo
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28.08.2013, 00:51 by Mohmmd
Nice video, that bit of a water birth is easily orovloeked. Yes she looks quite disgusted, but who can blame her, perhaps it was going to be breakfast? I can honestly say eating one of those nourishing meals wouldn't appeal to me. I suppose it could work if it was ground up and served in spaghetti bolognese, but if it was simply slapped on the BBQ and served between a giant bread roll Um no thanks. No matter how much BBQ sauce! Lisa, can I suggest a recipe section to your blog?Of course some men share the birth pool with their partner. I think I could do that. Sure, I'd grimace in the bloody water particularly at the sight of the placenta. But if a turd was to bob up from the depths I'd be outta there. Love and dedication do have limits you know!
25.08.2013, 16:48 by Justine
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24.08.2013, 02:08 by Anil
garlic burn my skin?i tried to put some garlic to rmveoe my warts. I kept it in my skin for like 1 hr and washed it with spa salt and facial wash but the smell still there. After I had put cream on my warts, I cover it with adhesive tape and kept it until morning. i know it's stupid but when iwas about to rmveoe the tape, my skin was burned already and it has a blisters. I washed my face with usual facial wash and applied manuka honey on it for 2 days. After that I put fresh aloe vera gel on it and the skin dried faster but the scar is still there. now, the scar is brownish red color and the pharmacy has given me cicalfate ( antibacterial cream) and i put vit e oil on it like 6 times a day and exfoliate my skin with spa milk salt and washed it with whitening soap but still 2 weeks now and it never lightens. F.Y.I. i'm 5 months pregnant and desperate to rmveoe this things before I go home in my country. Please help me lighten this scar and normally how many days it will take to lighten.
19.08.2013, 13:15 by Tracy
it is fatherly innistcts. A little off but the intentions are in the right place .Believe me, my dad to this day, in his carefulness and worrying for all his seven kids (young and old are not exempt from this) we hear similar statements on a daily basis. Don't worry, after a couple of years you get used to it Okay dad! We hear ya!
16.08.2013, 09:21 by Amira
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